#[AST-1] Asperger's Syndrome Guide for Teens and Young Adults: Paperback book

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The Asperger's Guide for TEENS and YOUNG ADULTS
Thriving (not Just Surviving)


Don't start the school year off without this book!

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  • Lack of friends and no deep meaningful relationships

  • Spends too much time alone and spends too much time on the computer

  • Low self esteem

  • Bullied at school

  • Getting in trouble with the law

  • Wants to date but can't succeed

  • Can't get or keep a job

  • Not able to take care of themselves



Learn how to be your child's best advocate! Your child should have an Individual Education Program (IEP) set up at the beginning of the school year -- you must get this done ASAP. 

My guide will help ensure that your child gets the resources they are legally required to get -- but that most schools will not supply unless you know your rights and stand up for your child. 

My bonus report on the (IEP) is a MUST HAVE document -- DO NOT go to the IEP meeting without this guide. This bonus guide includes:

  • The actual text of the government rules

  • Tips to ensure the school is providing the resources your child needs to succeed

  • Advice to follow if you do not agree with the school's recommendations

  • A thorough listing (including email and phone numbers) of agencies to contact if you have ANY problems with your school complying with the IEP

  • and much more...


You may not even be aware of the terrible psychological and life changing negative effects that bullying can have on your child. There are many sad reports of teenagers actually committing suicide due to relentless bullying.

A recent national study shows that 9% of all students (not just those with AS) had suicidal thoughts due to bullying -- and the percentage for AS students is likely much higher. At the very least, bullying will cause anxiety and depression in your child. Studies show that over 90% of teens with Aspergers are bullied! 

My book...

  • Shows how a parent can stop their child from being bullied

  • Defines and explains the four types of bullying your child is likely to experience

  • Teaches the 6 proven methods that work to stop bullying in schools

  • Shows how to help your teen with Aspergers cope and recover from bullying

  • Identifies proven methods to re-build your child&'s self esteem

A young adult reflects on the deep psychological scars that bulling caused...

"Because of the bullying, for several years, I lost my ability to be a part of the world around me, in a sense. I wasn't an exceedingly social person before this happened, a lot which could be attributed to my Aspergers diagnosis, but the peer abuse took away my ability to see myself as a person in relation to others." (bullying victim)


211 Pages ISBN 978-0-9841103-1-5

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